Green Water Cools

“We can realize our climate goals faster, cheaper, with less risk and more social perspective when we restore the power and the ‘Green Water’ coolant level of Earth’s natural air-conditioning, the elephant in the climate room.”

Marcel de Berg

strategic connactor

a connactor connects and also acts

Way of working

Berg is Dutch for mountain

My moral compass is focused on doing the right things and I am allergic to green washing and hidden agendas. I have an extensive international network in the field of sustainability and asset management. Born in Rotterdam in the Netherlands, the city of ‘Geen woorden maar daden’, ‘Action speaks louder than words’.

I am a systems thinker who can connect parties and can get the best out of them by acting together with them as a connactor (connecting & acting). In transitions, I have an eye for the higher order value case in order to create an optimal climate for the underlying business cases.

I look at complex situations with an open mind and I am able to clearly identify connections. The basic attitude is listening to what people say and what people don’t say, asking clarifying questions, wanting to see the things behind the obvious, discovering limiting beliefs in order to arrive at achievable total solutions with a creative mind, with an eye for details. When there is an elephant in the room, I know how to free it in a positive way.

Can absorb many areas of knowledge and link them together. For example, a comment on the importance of water by Lester Brown and an article by the University of Shanghai ‘how to harvest energy in space that is released when water vapor falls back to water’ led to the question ‘what if this is true, then this is crucial to our climate policy?” I wouldn’t have been able to look at my children and myself in the mirror if I didn’t figure this out. Together with Pieter-Paul de Kluiver and my daughter Maxime, I came to the insight through many areas of knowledge that we can achieve our climate goals faster, cheaper, with less risk and more social perspective if we restore the green water level and the power of the natural air conditioning.

way of working

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future driven transition solutions

I have an economic background and my thinking has been shaped by societal challenges and inspired by Lester Brown’s Plan B.

In my view, Lester is Al Gore squared in knowledge and, unfortunately, Al Gore’s root in financial resources. To indicate how big Lester is, in the photo above I am standing with my daughter Maxime and Lester in front of a bookcase in his apartment and each book in this bookcase is a unique book by Lester. His books have been translated into more than 65 languages.

I brought Lester to the Netherlands in 2010 and worked together with Robeco, Rabo, PGGM and the Pension fund for the care and welfare sector on funds to realize the goals of Plan B.

Through a special course of events, I have learned that we can achieve our climate goals faster, cheaper, with less risk and more social perspective when we restore the Earth’s air conditioning.

My daughter had to read Lester’s ‘Plan B’ for her International Development study in 2017 and at the same time we wanted to visit friends on the east coast of the US with the whole family. We were able to combine this family vacation with a visit to Lester in Washington. We spent an entire evening with Lester and during our visit Lester indicated that the weakest link in our society is not CO2 but water. Societies have previously been destroyed by a lack of water. It is not only drinking water, but certainly also the decrease in long-distance transport of water by nature for food production.

To learn more about the role of nature in water management, in May 2017 I went with my daughter to Pieter-Paul de Kluiver, an expert in landscape design who I got to know about the development of a small urban windmill and off the grid cooling for rural farmers. Pieter-Paul explained to us how the layout of landscapes affects the cooling of areas in the summer and how landscapes can prevent houses from cooling in the winter and how breaking the wind improves the yield of land.

The start of a deep dive in the cooling role of nature.

Pieter-Paul had just read an article from the University of Shanghai about how water vapor releases its energy when it falls back to the liquid state. This article was the start of an extensive search with Pieter-Paul and Maxime about the cooling role of nature. More than nine man-years of research has led us to believe it is highly plausible that the current temperature rise is not only due to fossil fuel emissions that have thickened the Earth’s greenhouse blanket, but that large-scale deforestation has contributed to a strong decrease in the cooling capacity of nature and thus contributed substantially to the temperature increase.

Our research makes it very plausible that we can achieve our climate goals faster, cheaper, with less risk and more social perspective when we smartly restore our landscape so that the cooling capacity of active natural air conditioning is restored. The lesson I have learned is that only when we see the role of ‘Green Water’, the coolant of Earth’s natural air conditioning, we will be able to achieve our climate goals and save our society.

For more information visit and (video).

Currently, the positive cooling effects of nature are not included in the policy of our society. As mentioned, the costs of restoring our climate can be much cheaper. When we see and want to, we can realize our goals with a reasonably manageable effort.

To support this, I have developed together with Innorbis the Future Coefficient that indicates to what extent policy is aligned with societal goals and which can map the leverage points for change. I am working with Innorbis to further develop this Future Coefficient.

future driven transition solutions

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societal aligned pensions

After my study ‘Economics’ (specialized in Quantitative Business Economics) at the Erasmus University in my hometown of Rotterdam, I entered the pension world in 1990 and by chance became one of the pioneers in the field of Asset Liability Management.

In this area I developed an ALM model and introduced a decision technique at PGGM, which made the first ALM study for PGGM a success. This ALM decision technique has been developed over time and is currently capable of translating the preferences of participants into decision criteria in a simple way.

This enables a pension fund to actually connect with the participants and makes it clear and understandable for board members which considerations they make when making their choices. The technique opens the statistical black box of ALM studies and makes it transparent and understandable for everyone.

Future Coefficient indicator how investments are aligned with societal goals

I have extensive experience in the field of portfolio management and strategic policy, I am a certified investment analyst with more than 25 years of experience in responsible investment, also one of the pioneers in this field in the Netherlands. Exploring how to connect the pension capital with the needs of the people in the street, I have written a manifesto (download) together with others under the banner of Foundation 0.0.

Recently I developed together with Innorbis an indicator called ‘Future Coefficient‘ that makes it possible to map out to what extent an investment portfolio is aligned with the future goals of society. I am working with Innorbis to develop this indicator so that investors can gain insight into the extent to which the portfolio is aligned and where transition risks are present in the portfolio.

In addition, I have pension knowledge in all areas of at least ‘Experienced board member’ level (in the Netherlands, level B in accordance with SPO education).

societal aligned pensions

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